June 2022 Newsletter

In this issue

1.     About the PNORS Technology Group and our History

2.     Evolution of Products and Services across the PNORS Technology Group

3.     Leanne Gomm, Datatime's Operations Manager, reflection on the past 40 years

4.     Datatime Client Case study – Palace Cinemas

5.     Expansion into New Markets Overseas

About PNORS Technology Group & our History 

Making growth through technology easy 

The  PNORS Technology Group has grown significantly over the past four decades due to strategic acquisitions and strong operational performance.  We remain committed to business improvement initiatives and acquisition opportunities that meet our strategic plans, add value to our core business segments, support expansion into new markets and leverage the strengths and skills of the Group.

Each member of the PNORS Technology Group – Datatime Services, Netway Networks, Pacific Commerce and WilldooIT - provide services that are specific to their area of expertise, combined they provide a comprehensive solution to the modern enterprise.

Our 90+ staff members provide support to our 700+ clients.  Our Australian offices are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth with further representation in New Zealand and in Europe.


Since the incorporation of Disprax (now WilldooIT) in 1982, based on industry insights and market trends, PNORS Technology Group have strategically acquired companies in the areas of data automation, ERP & web technologies and IT infrastructure support who, whilst providing valuable services individually, provide a compelling business proposition when integrated.

The strategic purchase of Pacific Commerce in 2002 added integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) services for TIMMS customers and other businesses.

In 2009, consistent with PNORS data automation strategy and building on the strengths of the Pacific Commerce EDI service, Datatime Services was acquired to facilitate the seamless electronic communication and transfer of paper documents.

Existing customers were looking for networking and hardware infrastructure support services. To satisfy this need and to introduce these services to a growing market, Netway Networks was acquired in 2010.

In a rapidly changing technology environment demanding seamless communication between business and their customers, the merger with WillowIT in 2016 to create a new company, WilldooIT, provided a modern and flexible ERP and eCommerce platform (Odoo) which again complemented, extended and unified the services offered by Datatime Services, Netway Networks and Pacific Commerce.

The PNORS Technology Group is committed to improving business productivity through the delivery of integrated technology solutions to ensure the requirements of our clients are met and exceeded as new challenges and opportunities arise.

Evolution of PNORS Group Products & Services

The PNORS Group provides an integrated and complementary range of products and services that target the operations that are vital to the success of modern connected enterprises.

From simple beginnings in our small office in Brighton back in 1982, we launched our very first TIMMS ERP service offering.  The PNORS Technology Group now has 90+ staff working across Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

The companies of the PNORS Technology Group comprise automated data capture and validation (Datatime Services), IT services, network management and support, data services and unified communications including telephony (Netway Networks), electronic data interchange (Pacific Commerce) and leveraging all these products ERP and eCommerce software solutions including Odoo, TIMMSanywhere and specialised software solutions for the Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Food Distribution industries.

Our vision is to make your Growth Through Technology Easy!

Meet Leanne Gomm
Datatime Operations Manager

Leanne Gomm  is the Operations Manager at Datatime Services.  Leanne has been with Datatime since 1982 and is currently leading a team of 14+ staff across the functions of Data Entry/Capture Services, Technical Services and Mailroom Department.

Day to day we will see Leanne working with her teams in providing data capture, digital document conversion and cost-effective data management solutions for Government departments, Universities and businesses of all sizes.

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, we asked Leanne to reflect on the past 40 years:

When did you start with the business?

I started with Datatime in 1982 which is around the same time Paul Gallo established Disprax. Originally Datatime was a training facility for data entry operators, then became a data capture bureau winning a lot of Government contracts, some of which we still work with today.  Before Paul acquired the company in 2009, there had been previous owners over the years who basically just stayed in the same lane without having the vision to evolve and grow. 

How has the business changed since you started? 

The business has changed quite a lot over the years but only during the time Paul has owned the company.   Paul’s foresight and leadership has provided us with the opportunity for continued growth and success.

How has your role changed?

My role started as managing the data entry operator training program to becoming the data entry manager and has since progressed to my role today as Operations Manager.

What you love about your work and what motivates you?   

I think the fact that every day is different regarding juggling resources to meet ever changing daily deadlines.  The implementation of new AI software is also exciting for us as this will advance our business solutions offering.  I am really motivated to continue to achieve growth and success within the business in the near future.

Client Case Study - Palace Cinemas

“The team at Datatime Services really listened to our challenges and implemented a solution that specifically addressed and solved these issues. The Datatime team proved to be flexible and were always available during the implementation to work with us on this important change management project”.

Renato Fonti (Chief Financial Officer)


About Palace Cinemas

Palace Cinemas is Australia’s leading national independent cinema group, showcasing high-end latest release films, art-house, foreign films and special events with an emphasis on providing an entertaining viewing experience for all patrons. The business employs over 500 staff and head office is located in South Yarra, Victoria.


Palace Cinemas operate over 15 individual cinemas across Australia, each with their own suppliers and independent procurement processes.


The accounting department (located in Melbourne) is responsible for reconciling each cinema’s accounts payables, a demanding task due to seasonal demand fluctuations and growth in the number of cinemas. Datatime ultimately provided a personalised Accounts Payable Automation solution that removes all manual data processing.


Datatime Services now take full control of all incoming documents, scrapes the data and runs it through customised algorithms, automatically assigns figures to Palace's General Ledger accounts based on meeting their internal financial requirements, and exports it as cleansed data.


Please read Palace Cinema’s experience of working with Datatime here.

Expansion into overseas markets

As a leading provider of specialised timber industry software solutions in the Asia/Pacific region, we have identified opportunities overseas to introduce our technology and expertise via our vertical timber business management software solution, TIMMSanywhere.



In 2021, we commenced work on implementing TIMMSanywhere through a large joint venture project with a major lumber and building materials retailer based on the East Coast of the USA. Once realised, this partnership will place us on the leading edge as business management software providers for the global timber industry.



With increasing interest in TIMMSanywhere in Europe, we have established a sales and marketing footprint in that region which
has led to significant interest from timber businesses. Due to their international nature, a number of these businesses could potentially lead us to implementations in Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.



We are leveraging our existing clients in Asia as we seek to establish a stronger presence in the region. Our successful TIMMSanywhere implementations to date have assisted our clients, who primarily do business in the timber manufacturing space to supply products such as timber crates and decorative sheets, to manage critical functions such as purchasing and contract manufacturing.


Pacific Commerce and the MY Commerce Exchange, Malaysia

In 2021, Pacific Commerce launched the MY Commerce Exchange to expand our reach into SE Asia.

The MY Commerce Exchange delivers business-to-business Electronic Data Interchange services to clients in the Malaysian market, initially in the areas of Health but with expansion plans to target FMCG (fast- moving consumer goods) and Hardware. The Exchange will provide customers with an efficient, cost-effective solution for electronic trading with their trading partners.

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