Our bulk document scanning services convert your documents to data that you can use

Document Scanning and Conversion transforms hard copy documents for digital images thereby replacing time consuming and error prone methods for document storage and data capture. With the development of the modern office and a focus on reducing paper waste, we are leaning to a virtual office environment utilising paperless office solutions.

We understand that there will always be a need for paper in business, but also recognise that multiple issues can occur from inefficient methods of managing and maintaining hard-copy documents, especially when these files are not in an easily accessible central location.

Searching for archived documents leads to decreased productivity and frustration! Our document scanning and conversion services streamline these processes by converting your documents and assigning them to a central location. We convert these files into electronic images that can be stored on a single computer ensuring that your documents are always visible and accessible. 

Document Scanning and Conversion

How Does Document Scanning and Conversion Work?

  1. Datatime receives thousands of documents each day through mail services or defined courier services (if they are confidential).

  2. Documents are then sorted, receipted and batched in anticipation for the preparation stage.

  3. Using the latest technology, the documents are then scanned and stored electronically in a format of your choosing and allocated to a centralised location.

  4. Your documents are made visible and readily available to your team.

Document Scanning and Conversion infograph

What documents do we scan?

  • General documents such as Human Resources files, Legal documents

  • All surveys including research and customer satisfaction

  • Application forms

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable invoices

  • Purchase Orders

  • Project documentation, photos and large format drawings

  • Handwritten documents

Benefits of Document Scanning and Conversion

Immediate Access 

Access your data whenever and wherever you need to.

Maximise your
Office Space
Reduction in storage requirements frees up valuable office space.

Reduce Costs

Reduction in resources required for document management and storage.

Data Safety

Our procedures are compliant with all data protection Laws and we provide 100% confidentiality.

Reduce Risks

Peace of mind that documents are stored electronically in case of unexpected loss through flood, fire, theft or damage.

Increased Productivity
Documents will be stored in one place and easily accessible for your team.