Form and Survey Automated Data Capture

Forms and Survey Data Cature Forms and Surveys are a great way of getting to know your market and conduct industry research to capture critical information. Whether you are conducting market research, adding to your CRM or looking to improve your business processes, our form and survey data capture and entry services can help you achieve your results more efficiently and effectively. 

Form and Survey data capture and extraction are one of our specialities. We have been capturing and converting data to electronic formats for a wide range of Australian and NZ organisations for over 30 years.

We understand this information is critical to your on-going business processes, needs to be captured in real-time and align with your objectives. We offer a complete document management and capture solution ensuring that you receive your data when you need it and with accuracy guaranteed.

How do we capture this data?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Step 1.

Data preparation.

The documents are prepared for scanning.

Step 2.

Document scanning.

We use Optical Character Recognition and Optical Mark Recognition software to ensure all data is collected.

Step 3.

Manual data validation.

This ensures that the data output is as accurate as possible. 

Step 4.

Data delivery. 

Our data delivery can be in any file format of your choosing.

Benefits of outsourcing your forms and surveys

Improved Timelines

Data Security

Data Accuracy

Reduction of Costs

What surveys and forms do we capture?

Simply, anything and everything. We work with you to ensure that your surveys are built around the latest in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that the data capturing stage is efficient, minimises error and keeps your costs as low as possible.

Improve your efficiency