The complete Accounting Automation cycle

Invoice Automation

Automating your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes are your first step towards the paperless office. No longer do you have to manually convert and enter your accounting documents.

When you outsource to Datatime, you no longer need to worry about your accounting data as we guarantee quick, accurate and consistent automation converted into the format of your choosing.  

You no longer need a team of accountants to remain efficient and competitive.

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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Receivable

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Why Automate your accounting documents?

Visibility over finances

Automating your accounting documents gives you complete viability as your data is extracted and converted in real-time.

Control over finances

You have complete control and can audit your ingoing and outgoing expenses at any time.


Manual data entry is not only error prone but timely. Automation means no more data entry. 


No longer wait days for incoming and outgoing accounting documents.

Reduced errors

Manual data entry is error-prone and one wrong number can lead to weeks of headaches.

Enhanced relationships

Pay and get paid in shorter timeframes which will enhance your relationships with your business partners.

How the process works 

We accept hardcopy documents and emails. As seen below, Emails and hardcopy documents both go through the various stages including recognition where we use the latest software to capture and convert your data and validation where we have our experts manually checking if there are any issues with the data. Then we release it into any format of your choosing.

Accounting Automation Diagram

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