Accounts Payable Automation

What would make your life easier?

• Less data entry?
• Increased efficiency? 
Fewer errors?
Enhanced cash flow?

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Helping Australian businesses Automate their
Accounts Payable function

“The team at Datatime Services really listened to our challenges and implemented a solution that specifically addressed and solved these issues. The Datatime team proved to be flexible and were available at all times during the implementation to work with us on this important change management project”.

AP Automation  Renato Fonti (Chief Financial Officer - Palace Cinemas)

Key benefits of AP Automation

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Why Datatime AP Automation solution?


Complex data and workflows

Our team have the ability to manage complicated workflows and compliance requirements 

Manual verification & Errors

Unlike cheap online OCR alternatives, if there is an error or a document is unable to be scanned, one of our team will manually verify the data

Security & Customer Support

Datatime is ISO certified and your data never leaves Australia. Our entire operations are onshore and utilised by large/government organisations

ERP integration & EDI ability

We also provide any-to-any translation through our EDI services. We can integrate to most ERP's without additional development

How the AP Automation process works 

  1. Our services allow you to automatically receive and send all Accounts Payable documents in any format without having to manually enter the data into your system

  2. We receive both electronic and hardcopy documents.

  3. We convert the data and validate for errors

  4. We release into any format you require

Accounts Payable Automation

Why automate the AP process?

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Do I have a lot of errors in my processes?

  • Do we struggle to make early payment discounts?

  • Is cash flow becoming an issue?

  • Do we have a high turnover of administrative staff?

  • Are my overheads getting out of control?

  • Does end of month disrupt productivity?

  • Does my team keep misplacing or wrongfully filing documents?

  • Do I have visibility over my payments?

  • Am I worried about the security of my documents? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we can help

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