Accounts Receivable Automation

Enhanced invoice management, without the hard work

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Key benefits of AR Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions

Improved payment timelines
Enhanced cash flow with quicker payment timelines due to no errors and document delivery/data entry times.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Improved relationships with your suppliers
Send and receive documents faster leading to quicker payments and happier relationships on both sides of the supply chain.

AR Automation Solutions

Fewer data errors & reducing costs
Manual data entry is costly and error-prone. We ensure 99.95% data accuracy and a speedy delivery.

AR Automation

Reduced invoice processing costs
Manual data entry is an expensive task that you can do without. Reallocate staff to more pressing areas.

How the process works

Redirect documents to us

This is either done by mail or email.

Scan and capture the data

We scan or run the document through our technology to capture your data.


We validate the data and ensure its right to give you the 99.95% data accuracy.


We re-verify the data if there are errors and manually key where applicable.


We release the data into the format of your choosing.

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