Why AP Automation?

The development of an efficient Accounts Payable (AP) process is a vital cog in any successful organisation. Accounts Payable Automation is a proven way of streamlining your accounting practices to allow on-time payment, create better relationships with trading partners and to build an efficient accounting process.

AP Automation is a service our clients require but are sometimes cautious in passing on these tasks to another organisation. We understand that your accounting processes are important to you, but if you don’t have an efficient process and your finances are not under control, relationships with trading partners can be affected.

Datatime's AP solution streamlines the AP process by automatically capturing invoices to increase processing speed and reduce data entry costs. Our solutions provide industry-leading multichannel capture with touchless data extraction and validation.

How AP Automation works

Our services allow you to automatically receive and send all Accounts Payable documents in any format without having to manually enter the data into your system. See below for process flow:

Accounts Payable Automation Process

Accounts Payable Automation Benefits

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Human Made Errors

Enhanced Cash Management

Enhanced Relationships

Maximised Office Space