Automated data capture

As the modern workplace is moving closer to becoming completely digital there is less need for paper in business. However, we understand there will always be a need so our ata Automation Services streamline your data collection processes by automating the whole process ensuring that you don't waste valuable time and resources reading and translating documents. The best part, you don't even need to look at your documents again, once your mail/documents are redirected to us, we send you the cleaned and structured data that you can use straight away. 

How does this work?

Quite simply, our Data Automation Services work when you re-direct your mail services to us by way of Aus Post, Couriers and re-direct certain emails and we turn them into data that you can use. Our advanced technology and knowledgeable team streamline this process for a number of clients ranging from small to large government organisations which allow us to pass the saving on to you. Therefore, paper-based data is no longer a drag on your efficiency and you can reallocate your resources to more pressing tasks. 

Benefits of Data Automation



Minimise costs

Save time

Ready to Automate your data collection?