Outsourcing your data capture

With the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things, document data capture is a vital element for every business to implement efficiently to create a competitive advantage. Manually capturing data from structured and unstructured documents is time-consuming, error prone and often implemented incorrectly due to fluctuated demand, the pressure of work in other areas of the business or inexperience.

Why outsource?

We use a range of tools including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software in conjunction with manual data verification to ensure we deliver accurate data and in the process, exceed industry standards. Our advanced technology and extensive experience ensure we quickly and efficiently capture your critical data, including handwriting, typed and written documents and barcodes.

Our intricate solutions verify the data against your business information to increase accuracy further. Using our extensive industry knowledge and in-depth experience, we ensure we provide a tailored solution for each business, allowing a further reduction in the associated costs of data collection and the freeing up of valuable in-house resources.

How data capture and data automation works

We use a range of data capture tools including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) in combination with traditional approaches to manually verify the data output, including manual data entry. This combination of techniques allows us to automatically capture and verify data from any of your documents, as follows:

  1. Datatime receives thousands of documents each day through mail services or defined courier services (if they are confidential).

  2. Documents are then sorted, receipted and batched in anticipation for the preparation stage.

  3. They are split up by OCR or OMR documents. 

  4. The documents are scanned.

  5. Data entry of documents not compliant to scanning technology (free text options).
    Manual verification when data irregularities are discovered. Validating data ensures our promised 99.95% accuracy rates are achieved.

  6. Your data is converted and stored in a central location. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Capture and Automation

Data accuracy
Our Kofax and Formware technology have verification measures to check irregularities against the data if any errors are detected.

Improved timelines
Our automated technology quickly and accurately captures your data providing real-time results to improve your operations.

Meet increased demand
We have the flexibility to capture as little or as much data as you need and will meet fluctuating demand. 

Reduce costs
Automated data capture reduces the resources required in-house to manually perform this function.

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