Digitalisation as a Service

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Digitalisation as a Service

About DaaS

Digitalisation as a Service (DaaS) removes the manual data entry associated with your document processing. 

With DaaS, you can automate your documents and streamline operational processes by digitising your documents into a format that integrates with your business software package. 

Removing the manual data entry allows the flexibility of processes to be undertaken from anywhere! 

DaaS is suitable for Automating operational processes such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and so much more and has an optional approval process module that can be tailored to specific workflow requirements.

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Process flow

Digitalisation as a Service Process Explained

This service is broken into two integrated stages.

Data Capture and invoice approval workflow

 Stage 1: Data Capture

In stage one we utilise our DCX solution to capture, convert and validate the data from your inbound documents. These include both physical and hard copy documents.

Hardcopy documents are scanned and validated against originals. Electronic documents utilise OCR technology to extract and verify the data.

Once verified, the document is then released into Clearway for approval.

Stage 2: Approval Workflow

Clearway is an approval workflow tool that assists with validation of documents such as invoices.

Once approved, Clearway then creates an EDI file that is uploaded to your ERP / business management software.

Accepted documents

Through our DaaS technology we have the ability to convert any document type. These are the most used:

Purchase Orders / Accounts Receivable

Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs)

Invoices / Accounts Payable

Import / Export

Packaging Lists

General Business 

Benefits of DaaS

Through our DaaS technology we have the ability to convert any document type. These are the most used:

Reduced operational costs

Reduces time spent manually processing and sending documents.

Approve of documents from anywhere

Approve your documents from anywhere at any time.

Minimises errors and Maximises business efficiency

Streamlines your processes by reducing clerical tasks and eliminating data entry errors.

Improved payment timelines

Reduces time delays in sending and receiving documents to help keep payment terms achievable.

Integrates seamlessly with ERP’s and EDI requirements

Speaks a universal language allowing you to trade seamlessly with multiple stakeholders.

Output of market leading technology

The output of our data capture services is of the highest in the industry.

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