Document Scanning and Imaging Services

We understand that there will always be a need for paper in business. However, we also recognise that issues can occur from inefficient methods of managing and maintaining and imaging documents. 

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 Bulk File scanning services

What documents can we digitalise?

Accounting Documents





How does our document scanning and imaging services work?

  1. Datatime receives thousands of documents each day through mail services or defined courier services (if they are confidential). 

  2. Documents are then sorted, receipted and batched in anticipation for the preparation stage. 

  3. Using the latest technology, the documents are then scanned and stored electronically in a format of your choosing and allocated to a centralised location. 

  4. Your documents are made visible and readily available to your team

What set's Datatime apart from other document scanning companies?
Government trusted services

Some of Australia's largest organisations trust us with their confidential documents, and we've never let them down. 

Quality and accuracy guarantee

We guarantee 99.95% accuracy on every project.

Secure document archiving or destruction

We wont dump your documents back on your doorstep once we are done. We will help destroy or archive them for you. 


Datatime has over 30 years of operational experience 

Secure and compliant practices

Our practices are 100% secure and remain compliant with all Data Protection and Confidentiality Acts and standards. 

Quick turnaround times

We have a team of experienced dedicated professionals who have processed millions of documents. This allows for us to streamline the conversion process and get the data back to you in a short time frame. 

Digitisation and conversion 

Our output speaks a universal language allowing our clients the peace of mind knowing that they don't have to change their current software. 

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