Import Document Capture and Automation

Reduce the repetitive, time consuming and mindless tasks today!

import document management

If your business imports or exports products or you purchase stock from third-parties, this is the solution for you.

When you outsource your document capture and automation, you no longer spend time on  back of office tasks such as; entering stock information, invoices, packing lists, manifests and pack tallies. If you're sick of unnecessary boxes of certificates lying around your office, this is the perfect solution for you.

With our import document automation. We will scan and capture all the relevant information that your business requires. We can also provide you with a digitised version of all the essential documents for your records. Being a digital copy, this means that you can use them as attachments in your business management software, or store them on your server for future reference.

Nothing gets lost. We capture ALL information and notify you if something does go wrong. So you can zoom right in to address the problem.

Automation benefits


Get more out of your staff! No more time spent on mindless and time-consuming data entry


We are 99.95% accurate with scanning and capturing your data

Reduced Errors

Never Misplace a document again. Everything's in a digital format which results in easy searchability and filing


Storage Space is minimised as your processes are now digitally automated


Improve operational timelines due to automating your data capture

Customer Satisfaction

Spend more one on one time with your customers and less time looking at the paper

The Process

Import document automation process

Digitally transform your business today